Flying From New York to Singapore for $20,000

I’ve made this flight 8times from Pennsylvania to shanghai.its a bit uncomfortable after 6-7 hrs but I don’t have 18000$ to stretch out. And I have no complaints about how I was treated.when you go thru customs there are no 1st class signs.spending 20k on 1st class is a bit stupid to me.what do I know…I’m a regular guy with no class…lol

24/7 Wall St.

American airlinesFor anyone who wants to figure out how airlines make their money, a look at first-class air prices should be enough. American Airlines Group Inc. (NASDAQ: AAL) charges $19,176 for a round trip from New York to Singapore. A coach ticket can cost as little as $2,076.

A report in BusinessWeek claims that premium class tickets account for three-quarters of airline profits, and that number includes business class. The Wall Street Journal reports that 25% of its passengers account for 75% of revenue. While the numbers are different, the message is clear. The people in the back of the plane hardly matter. They are there, in theory, because the demand for the highest ticket prices includes few takers.

Recently, the media have shown their fascination for the amenities for first-class flyers. Emirate Air first-class cabins may be the best of them. Each passenger has his or her own suiteā€¦

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